Real People Talking About The Vokol Group

Baylea Trulove

Former Director of Marketing / Soulman's Bar-B-Que

"Creative communication and public relations has been vital to Soulman's Bar-B-Que for targeted local reach as well as growing our national brand positioning. Dana and The Vokol Group's body of work for us speaks loudly and effectively."

Julian Bowman

Senior Director of Marketing, OVG 360 

"This agency makes valuable community partnerships happen with ease. Working with The Vokol Group has been ideal because they are intuitive. They predict and amplify success while being completely aware of the unforeseen. The Vokol Group values the business and community interests of their clients and partners."

Mollie Milligan-Fabian 

Owner/ Boxcar Creative

"Dana is extremely intelligent, hardworking and a joy to work with. Though her primary experience is directly related to public relations, Dana is able to raise the bar on all collaborative marketing initiatives."

David Carpenter

Founder and CEO- Gamiotics, NYC

"For the more than two decades I have known Dana and her work, she has never met a stranger. Her vast network and willingness to help clients and friends alike is exceptional and unwavering."

Bill Young

Vice President, Programming/ KERA-TV

"Dana has shared her endless talents with public television viewers for a number of years. With an infectious smile, her razor sharp wit has always allowed her to move easily on-air between scripted material and ad-lib depending on the situation. Dana is a gem that is welcome on our air at any time."

Kris Balekian Hayes

Owner/ Balekian Hayes Family Law

"The Vokol Group has taken a 360-degree approach to public relations for Balekian Hayes Family Law. This has proven necessary in a very competitive field and market. We couldn't be happier with our decision to use them."

Alex Fowzer

Promotions and Marketing/ East Texas Radio 

"The Vokol Group consistently delivers valuable media partnerships and is spot-on with execution and communication! I've personally worked with Dana and the Vokol Group the last several years as a media partner to promote several events in the Dallas, Texas for my small market area radio listeners!"

Jenni Steck

President/ Jenni Steck Voice & Speech

"Dana is a clairvoyant! She can take a look at your business and tell you what you should be doing to spread the word and to help you grow! Her energy is boundless and her enthusiasm is infectious. If you haven't already added her to your team, what the heck are you waiting for?" 

Meredith Merritt, CMP

Former Director of Events/ Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas

"If you are ready to take your company to the next level or are looking for someone to move the needle from good to great with your event, Dana Cobb is the person you need to hire. Creative, dependable and enthusiastic Dana provides everything you need to make sure you reach success. Working with her is easy and fun with her positive energy. Strong in relationship-building, event promotion and publicity, Dana has all the skills you are looking for and will exceed your expectation."

Rob Lake

The Grand Illusions of Rob Lake

"Dana and The Vokol Group have connectivity running through their veins. From securing media coverage to making invaluable industry and community alignments, their ability to harness local and national exposure is amazing! They GET IT! "

Rob Andrews

Experience Director/ Acid Candy Productions

"The Vokol Group helped craft and execute Rainbow Vomit's media relations campaign with commitment and great attention to detail. The extensive list of media coverage was absolutely a contributing factor to buzzworthy sell-out crowds on our opening weekend and beyond!"

Mike Richman

Vice President, Marketing/Broadway Dallas

"In a very competitive industry, Dana's approach to communicating and marketing is highly personal. I credit her on-going success to the life-long relationships she builds and ability to cut through the clutter."